Yifu Group 2018 - 2019 global strategic cooperation and techonolgy seminar comes to a successful conclusion


On June 26 to 27, 2017, Yifu 2018 - 2019 global strategic cooperation and techonolgy seminar has a grand opening in Xijiao Hotel, Shanghai. Global materials supplier participates in this seminar.

At this seminar, Yi Chun, the president of Yifu, proposes the concept of global partners and actively seek global strategic cooperation with global materials suppliers, committed to build global supplier chain of good quality products, based on the spirit of One Belt and One Road, relying on existing dual-multilateral mechanisms.

During the meeting, the president Mr.Yi formally appoints Lu Yi as the general manager of R&D and procurement. Mr. Lu gives his own opinions about the quality of products, materials and supply cooperate. He hopes that the suppliers can actively cooperate Yifu to reform, increase communication, contact closely and strive together to build excellent, superior suits global supplier chain.

Production manager Wang Xiaodong, Zhou Youdao, represent respectively Jiangxi and Wenzhou production base to give a speech, expecially pointing out that all materials suppliers can pay attention to the delivery of product and the quality of products.

Materials suppliers attending the meeting promist that they will attach great importance to product’s qualtiy and delivery of product, cooperating with Yifu to build product global supplier chain and contributing their own strength for the development of Yifu.

Designers, craftsman as well as pattern maker all actively give their speech and have a deep disscussion about the technology. Clothing technology is the soul of garment enterprise. The improvement of technology is the key factor for the development of garment enterprise. The improvement of technology brings the transformation of enterprise. We should constantly update ourself, break through ourself and presedent shackles, entering into 4.0 ages of garment technology.